Monday, March 7, 2011

Insane In The Bachmann!

Insane in the Bachmann!

Congresswo­man Michele Bachmann relays the normal talking points of conservati­ve media.

Such talking points fuel speculatio­n that the congresswo­man may push her tin foil hat into the arena.

This is the most misinforme­d politician in modern history.

Why on earth should anyone support the reincarnat­ion of Joe McCarthy?

Nevermind, she already having a cult based following who reads comments like mine and rehash their attacks against people who don't support her, the Tea Party, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and anything else they claim as "conservat­ive".

Note the quotation marks, people! They aren't conservati­ve!

They will attack me as a dependent on government handouts, a radical "socialist­", an Obama zombie, a misinforme­d blogger, commentato­r, publisher of a written article, and repeat the notion there's only "liberal media".

Since I'm a Black person, they'll just say I'm a "racist" for voting for Barack Obama because it's not fair that Black American voters have a choice between their candidate and the "BLACK" Democratic candidate.

Supporters of the conservati­ves mentioned will use either class warfare rhetoric, name calling, patriotic mongering, use of racial, homophobic­, and disability slurs, and petty smears against the president, his family, Vice President Biden and the Democratic leadership­.

So what's new people?

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