Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sean Hannity knocks Beyonce....

The most interesting thing about this, Beyonce is bigger than "little ol' Sean Hannity"!

Fox News fire breather, Sean Hannity has a show called Hannity. Every night, the radio talker spends night after night attacking President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. He labels the president "traitor", "radical" and "socialist".

Could you imagine how many support this guy?


Now the latest crusade, chastised pop singer Beyonce over a performance for the son of Libya president Muammar Quadhafi.

Beyonce performed on New Year's Day with her husband Jay-Z, and it featured Bon Jovi, Usher, and rap CEO Russell Simmons.

The conservative media abuzz over this. The United States government declared the Libyan president responsible over the Lockerbie Scotland Pan Am Flight 103 bombing in 1988.

Now Sean Hannity has a history. A man who very reputation relies on the "conservative" principles, strong leadership, and a sense of pride for the country.

Was it possible Beyonce turned down his request for his "Great American Freedom Concerts" with Oliver North?

Now really, Sean, if you really want to get at Beyonce, do a diss song. It works for some of these rappers and singers.


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  2. Celebrities should use more their influence to defend important causes. they seems to work on causes with a minor impact. We live in a world where religion and race issues become a major problem for some groups of people, and I rarely see celebrities advocating this causes.
    The idea of celebrity diplomacy does not make sense for groups of people who do not feel represented.