Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Infiltrating the "enemy" - Stupid White Supremacist Websites Niggermania and Chimpout

,Confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in monitoring the online hate websites. This one in particular frequently toned down the violent rhetoric after I made three complaints about this to the Cincinnati office of the FBI. They confirmed that it's being monitored for threats against President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

A small victory for the many YouTube users who were subjected to being attacked by these online racists.

Thanks to the YouTube users Mazoan, AmielKitrelle, ministerabdallah, tmotofga, souftex23, craftkevin and the many others who made an effort to expose and shame this website into "waving the white flag!"

Chimpout and Niggermania now demands forum members to avoid my videos and back down from embedding videos to his website. Of course, the damage is done.

These websites give "aid and comfort" to a dangerous society of right wing extremists angered over the growing influence of the Black community and the election of the first Black president, Mr. Barack Obama.

President Obama has given rage to an underground society of bottom feeders who believe that this nation is slipping from the grips of a "white rule"! On these white supremacist forums, angry posters openly hoped that Obama would die in office or be killed. The administrator of Niggermania, Tom Shelly (p/k/a JamesRike,Thomas Falater or other), cautioned them to be prudent about what they said: "Be careful what you write there, we can't allow threats against his life so you're treading on thin ice there."

It's sad that I have to give time to deal with these pathetic cowards! Hell I would declare "war" on me, promoting these stupid racists!

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  1. Let's also expose the other white supremacists such as Steve Sailer, VDARE, American Renaissance, and David Yeagley's Bad Eagle. Here's my blog post exposing David Yeagley at:

    Sad, isn't it?

    La Reyna