Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brian, YouTube, DMCA and Niggermania. Well this is interesting....

Happy New Year to all supporters.

They're BACK........... Once again, the white supremacists are trying their hardest to stop me. The administrator of Niggermania took a bold move. On my YouTube profile http://youtube.com/mrbrianbeach , I have a video that was taken down by javascript:void(0)the DMCA.

I will elaborate in later videos about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and those who abuse the right to have property protected. See most of my videos fall under the term "fair use" and believe me I am going to fight for what I believe in. This year, it's time to make a difference. A new election, a new strategy, a new Brian..

See portions of my email to YouTube

I will fight for a repeal of the DMCA strike on my profile.

[LILVOKA and MrBrianBeach]

Sometimes a good thing can be used in a wrong way. I believe that the person who filed a DMCA [Digital Millennium Copyright Act] Complaint was disingenuous and failed to provide evidence that my video was a copyright violation. Most of the videos criticizing this website are under "fair use".

Tom Shelly, administrator of Niggermania has a notorious history of slander, libel, and copyright infringement. He has place my videos into his forum without my permission.

I looked onto the website of Niggermania and have the screen capture printed and available.

I also looked upon the Library of Congress website and searched "TOM SHELLY" and "2009"

And I turned up no results. I am under "fair use" as a blogger to talk about racism in America. His website is a public forum. It owns no license to claim copyright. The DMCA complaint was place in spite, due to the positive outcome of dealing with online racism.

I have championed against racism since 2008. The website placed one of my videos on their websites without my permission and even went as far to actually do actually DMCA by creating fake profiles, using my image and namesake, and trying to intimidate me with slander and threats of legal action. Until now, I haven't seen or gotten any notice about DMCA complaints since January 4, 2010, 3:04pm PST.

For now, until things are settled between the person [Tom Shelly] and I, there will be no said references to the website. I have made some of my videos private until this matter is completely resolved.

I have came across this website in 2008 when one of my videos was embedded into the forum without permission.

Once again, Niggermania owns no copyright, trademark, or patent.

Here's some videos explaining about DMCA.


  1. I'm saddened to read about this latest travesty by racists on the internet. They are such cowards that they hide behind a screen to spew hatred of Black people. Sad, indeed.

  2. Brian, love your stuff and a admire your passion. Again would love to have you as an affiliate to our program.

    Let us know if we can assist


  3. Brian, these cowards are always "false flagging." It only goes to show the degree of the cowardice!

    Stay strong!

  4. What can be done about niggermania and chimpout? It looks like Tom Shelly is an alias for possibly a second alias, James Risk? Can anything be done to expose them? I know they have a legal right to be there, but is there ANYTHING that can be done to put their faces out there so that they at least have to stand for and infront of their hate instead of behind it?

  5. http://www.newnation.org/NNN-Black-on-White.html