Saturday, December 11, 2010

If You Were A King, Who Would You Vote For? (Part 1)


I made a video denouncing Republicans lame attempt to court Black voters with this "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was A Republican" campaign. Also took a parting shot at NPR and Fox News commentator Juan Williams.

if you are annoyed with Republicans and conservatives pushing this "Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican", tell them the Democratic Party can claim the first black president and first woman House Speaker. Barack Obama was endorsed by Bernice King and Martin Luther King III, the leaders of the SCLC.

No matter how hard, France Rice and her Black Republicans tried, they failed in bring Blacks to the Republican Party. Just 12% of Blacks support the Republican Party.

The treatment of Michael Steele also shows that the Republicans have no patience for people who don't fit the agenda.

Conservatives whether they are Democrat or Republican harbor bigoted views towards, Blacks, Hispanics, Middle Eastern American, GLBT, and women.

Even though many who were close to the preacher claim that King was nonpartisan, this rumor was spewed on the internet by Rice and a former SCLC worker by the name of
Alveda King who was the niece of Dr. King.

Francis Rice her organization the National Black Republican Association tried to murky the Democratic primaries by present the tired Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. Thankfully this woman and her group were properly dismissed by many including the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The National Black Republicans Association (NBRA) is a Florida based group of African American conservatives. NBRA is led by Dr. Frances Rice, a staunch conservative who is an African American. Rice was former lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force, by my account. Her group is funded by the Heritage Foundation and has at most over 100 members.

Lynn Swann, Michael Steele and J. Kenneth (Ken) Blackwell were the first Republican African Americans from their home state to run for higher political office. Swann lost in a race for Pennsylvania governor. Steele lost in a U.S. Senate race in Maryland, then later ran for the National Republican Chairman's position. Blackwell lost in a race for governor for Ohio. So far the only achievements in the Congress since J.C. Watts, Jr. are freshman Tea Party Republican Congressmen Allen West of Florida and Tim Scott of South Carolina.

I can't say much about Michael Steele, these days. He embroiled in a major scandal right now and is at the verge of being fired by Republicans. He stumbled by apologize to Rush Limbaugh, spending on his book tour and lavish parties. Steele, a moderate Black Republican claims he's a conservative.

Did anyone remind these clowns on the right that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was nonpartisan?

Did anyone remind these clowns on the right that, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King were considered liberal for their views on civil rights, human rights, stance against the Vietnam War and concerns for poverty?

Did anyone remind these clowns that 1960s New York Congressman Emanuel Celler, Democrat drafted the bill? By the way, he was a White Jewish man who pushed for equal rights.

Did these clowns on the right happen to mention that the 88th and 89th United States Congress was controlled by Democratic Party?

Did anyone remind these clowns about Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, Arizona Senator Berry Goldwater, both Republicans and their stances on civil rights?

Did anyone remind these clowns on the right about J. Edgar Hoover's attempts to label Dr. King a "communist" and "socialist"? It's kind of like today's modern conservatives are attacking President Obama by labeling him as such!

Did anyone remind these clowns about current West Virgina Senator Robert Byrd, denouncing his past and endorsing then-senator Barack Obama for president?

Can someone remind the Republicans that non-whites (Black, Hispanic, Arab, Asian, and Native Americans) have very little support for the party today! In the 2006 Midterm Elections, the GOP won 51% of white votes, 37% of Asian votes, and 30% of Hispanic votes, while winning only 10% of Black votes.

Can someone remind the Republicans, that the Democratic Party can claim the first Black president?

I'm just saying!

Today's Republican Party is embolden in the divisive politics once practiced 50 years ago. They have no concerns about Civil Rights! They are not reaching out to non-white voters. And sure the Republicans this year won the midterms with gains and least members of Congress who are non-white, their positions are setbacks to the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Anyone who harbors conservative views, whether they are Democrat, Republican or Independent are single issue voters who have a bigoted view of Blacks, Hispanics, Arab Americans, Native Americans, women and GLBT.

I am not a race-baiter or a Democrat. I am an independent voter who is socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Pretty much a moderate. I don't follow groups and you are not my brother. I have a sister.

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