Friday, December 17, 2010

Fox News Viewers Are The Most Misinformed: Study

Facts are liberal! Well shut my mouth and call me a bleeding heart liberal! Cause every time we say Fox News is a propaganda arm of the Republican Party/Cons­ervative movement, some a-hole conservati­ve would whine about CNN, MSNBC or the three other news channels being bias against conservati­ves.

Like a drug, some addictions are hard to get off of! I mean I watch and listen to Fox News from time to time! And every time there's a Megyn Kelly giving her "opinion", Glenn Beck rant over "czars", Bill O'Reilly labeling everyone who crossed his path a "pinhead", Sean Hannity's blatant lies about the president and his policies, Neil Cavuto's whining about how the economy is going down hill and Greta van Susteren's latest missing hot chick story: I just sit back and watch the entertainm­ent on the news channel!

Then I come to Huffington Post and post a comment and then just sit back and wait!

Why I wait for the outrage of someone who doesn't agree!

They must have read it and realize that someone has the guts to say that Fox News is nothing more than a machine pumping out outrage at the expense of ratings! You hit them hard enough so they can respond! Then you call them out on their ignorance!

Watching Fox News guarantees either some hot headed conservati­ve will be ready to pounce on every comment of someone who opposes it, that network or their darlings on talk radio!
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