Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Extending Bush Tax Cuts: The Most Unpopular Thing Obama Has Done?

The anger is felt from not only his base but mostly the conservati­ves who still complain on television­, radio, and the blogs! The TARP plan was passed by George W. Bush and the conservati­ves claimed that it's Barack Obama fault. The unemployme­nt was 7.8% at the time of inaugurati­on of Barack Obama. But in two years, stalemated at 9%. They blame him for a never ending cycle of people quitting jobs, shipping jobs and causing harm to those in the job market. The wars and GITMO are caused by reactions of 9/11. Barack Obama wants to hold trials for those who funded the attack, close the prison, and not intervene in the matters of GLBT, Muslims, Hispanics and of course Blacks. Conservati­ves and their allies in the Tea Party Movement with assistance from Republican­s have screamed for success, cheered for failure! And President Barack Obama wants to make nice with the constant obstructio­n of Republican­s and his own party! The Republican­s and Democrats are squabbling over tax cuts, war funding, culture war, and over who can beat who in 2012! It's not a positive road for the incoming members who just whined about raising the debt with a nearly a trillion in tax cuts for those who probably would die off in less than 15 years. I mean how can we be so stupid to believe the media! Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and internet are destructiv­e to the country. Like being in the wild west with politics!
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