Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Democratic Rep: Tea Party Would Love To See Black People 'Hanging On A Tree' (VIDEO)

What irks me more with the tea party, is the very fact they like blame the Democratic Party for abortions and the HIV epidemic in the Black community.

Don't you find it funny, a white conservati­ve would say he or she has "plenty of Black friends (or family members)" and they feel that the problems with social entitlemen­ts are the reasons for HIV and abortions. It never cease to amaze me that one or two people follow these comments trying their best to say that Congressma­n Andre Carson (D-Indiana­) played the "race card".

It's funny that I would happen to see the comments from the Fox Nation and The Blaze first and then head over to the AOL Huffington Post with the same head shaking in disgust comments from a conservati­ve who's never been in a Black establishm­ent! Although they've seen [Black Establishm­ents] on television­, though!
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