Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fox News, Google To Hold Presidential Debate In Florida On September 22

I'm surprised that Google partnered with Fox News. A few years ago, Google was criticized for being a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Now all of a sudden, Google teams up for a Fox News debate. I attended the CNN/YouTub­e debate in which one of the questions involved gay marriage and I remembered that Fox News was making noise over CNN and Google's decision to have it! So now why the change of heart?


And what will the questions be?

Is Obama a "socialist­"?

Is Obama relationsh­ips with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and ACORN going to be used in your campaign?

Why do all the Blacks, Hispanics and low incomes love welfare, handouts and vote for Obama?

Is the media liberal?

Will the candidates sign a pledge not to raise taxes on the wealthy?

What would you say to Michelle Obama if she was to tell your fat children to lose weight?

Does Obama hate white people?

I can almost sense the questions will be fielded for guaranteed talking points, cheap shots and certainly mentions of Obama or Reagan.
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