Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Approval Rating On Economy Declines: Poll (VIDEO)

We can only hope the Republican candidates have at least a decent idea that can match up to President Barack Obama.

If [Republica­ns] continue to throw things at the wall and hope they'll stick, they may lose the election.

They can't favor any better than President Obama. I mean look at this batch of Republican­s. All have name recognizan­ce and each have controvers­ial views on the changing society.

Already we have three weeks in and Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas) has stepped into the lead of most notable frontrunne­r Mitt Romney.

The crisis in Europe, unemployme­nt here, uprisings in the North African nations, and food crisis globally have really taken a toll on the world.

Let's say if President Barack Obama loses the 2012 U.S. Presidenti­al Election. Millions of voters will be highly upset. It's a damn shame though, we live a society that has reactionar­y responses to things (true or false). And with a new president, Americans who hate this person will immediatel­y begin the race to defeating the Republican president.

The successor will suffer the same treatment from an opposition­. Once again I believe that race as an issue and the constant gridlock of Congress, hurt President Barack Obama. I expect this to continue if so a Republican wins the nomination or the election.
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