Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Juan Williams: Defund NPR

Juan Williams is ever so gleeful that the Republican­s are trying to defund NPR.

He's so thrilled that his former employer is on the ropes.

After all, if it wasn't for a pimple faced twerp with a radical agenda and heavily edited videos of the Schillers, NPR wouldn't be on the chopping block of this Congress.

The Republican­s rather waste time debating over trivial issues that doesn't even equal to the amount of jobs lost, the two (or three) wars and fiscal responsibi­lity. There's so much nonsense in the media! And Fox News and of course some of these shock and awe blogs bring out the worst of people.

If I didn't come off as a hard hitter when it comes to commenting­, I wouldn't be subjected to the extreme comments of some who failed in life.

I mean if I say Juan Williams, Herman Cain, Jesse Lee Peterson, James David Manning, Larry Elder, Alvada King, Angela McGlowan and Thomas Sowell are nothing more than Black conservati­ves who generate controvers­y off the backs of Black America, some conservati­ve extremist would label me a "racist," go into a complete tangent on why the "Democrati­c Party founded the KKK", "Abortions are more relevant in the Black community"­, say "Blacks are lazy and need to wake up from Obama's socialism"­, conjure up radical statistics pf Black and White crime or even justify their hate of President Obama to a racial slur.

This is why NPR is around!

Reality vs. Fox fiction!

Truth hurts.
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