Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Victoria Jackson Slams 'Glee,' Gays, Muslims In 'Showbiz Tonight' Appearance (VIDEO)

Cocaine is a powerful drug! Either she's strung out on it or she's just a ditsy woman with political bent agenda?

Victoria Jackson, the Tea Party maven who once chanted to a crowd: There's a communist in the White House"!

What was her only claim to fame post SNL? Still wondering what she's done?

A few appearance­s on Fox News, Newsmax, WorldNetDa­ily and recently HLN.

A silly woman with a messed up 80s hairdo and a bible in hand!

Crazy isn't just a word for Victoria Jackson.

The GLBT community hasn't done anything to me or anyone else!

Let those people live their lives and let the producers of Glee make their ratings and revenue.

Obviously a lot of people who are homosexual watch the show. And they probably find it entertaini­ng as she probably did!
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