Thursday, March 17, 2011

House To Vote On Cutting Off NPR Funding

They'll never learn! I swear they'll never learn!

It will never make it to President Obama''s desk without his nice left handed signature! It's mostly going to be a veto and the Democratic led senate will buck the idea and let it die!

Count on the partisans to murky up the waters with the never proposed "Obama Fairness Doctrine"! It never came to fruition. Three years later, the same partisans want to make NPR extinct.

See if the Democratic Party was really a threat to conservati­ve causes, they should have advocated the Fairness Doctrine, give the Native Americans the land, Black farmers their benefits from blanket takeovers, allow gays to legally wed and end these wars in Afghanista­n and Iraq.

The Republican Party strategy of revisiting the days of the 80th Congress will be their undoing. Once held as the "Do Nothing Congress".

The Republican­s should be dubbed the "Can't Understand America Congress".
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