Monday, January 18, 2010

Mass of Ugliness!

Democratic Senate Candidate Martha Coakley is challenging Republican candidate Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate Election in Massachusetts. The seat was held by the late senator Edward Kennedy. If she loses this election, it may doom President Obama's agenda, and create another partisan divide that may affect 2010 U.S. Midterm Elections.


As you may know, the media is turning their eyes on Massachusetts. The U.S. Senate special election for the seat that once was held by Edward Kennedy, has turn uglier.

Scott Brown, the Republican is leading in a few polls and is posing as a major threat to the Democratic-filibuster proof majority. A relativity unknown Republican from Massachusetts may be the first in 40 years to win a seat in a strongly Democratic state.

The Republican Senatorial Campaign, conservative activists, and political opponents are pouring money into the campaign of Scott Brown.

The Democratic candidate Martha Coakley was leading throughout the entire month, but things have turned sour. Her campaign has turned ugly in the final days and needed the assistance of President Obama, former President Bill Clinton and many other Democrats to stomp for her. Many fault her for a lackluster campaign, and being too eager.

Scott Brown's popularity soured throughout the campaign, since being spotlighted on Fox News and conservative blogs. His political capital has benefited him in the social networking sites. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter has an outpouring of support from conservative activists.

Republicans are hoping they seek victory after winning the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey.

Now I could be jumping the gun, but I can conclude that Brown may seek 2012 as a bigger step in his quest. The way he's going, I can see that Republicans want to line him up as a candidate for president.

Brown is a moderate and that may fit into the mode of New England residents.

I will see the results on the news and congratulate the winner of this election.

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