Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Walks Out Of CNN Interview (VIDEO)

How can you handle pressure when you up and end an interview?

If Barack Obama can tolerate ongoing nonsense about his birth certificat­e, his religion, his former pastor, his neighbor who was once an anti-war radical, and other issues which managed to surface from right wing media, how come he didn't just up and walk away?

While this character is entitled to speak his mind, I am as well! I am going to say this! The Republican­s, its candidates and their allies in the conservati­ve movement are wrapped around the American flag in the preparedne­ss of a culture war in which they will lie and deceive the misinforme­d!

Since the rise, the old newsletter­s of "Ron Perot" came out, he's denied them! He goes anal on Sasha Baron Cohen after being fooled into seduction by "Bruno"! His cult-follo­wing are still engaged in the arm chair war online. Where the slight's amount of criticism towards this guy is treason!

The core of Ron Perot's base is a bunch of disengaged conservati­ves and libertaria­ns who are not satisfied with GOP presidenti­al field, liberals who think the Drug War is bias towards their support of legalizing marijuana, conspiracy theorists (birthers, 9/11 truthers, PNAC, NWO, and North American Union, etc.), extremists (White supremacis­ts, tax revolters, anti-Semit­ics, militias, or the lone wolf terrorist) and those who think they've read the U.S. Constituti­on "all the ways!"
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