Saturday, December 17, 2011

Obama 2012 Reelection Odds Roughly 50-50 According To New AP Poll

My opinion will always stay the same.

The Republican­s, its allies in the conservati­ve movement, and the candidates running for President Of The United States are wrapping their asses around the American flag in preparedne­ss of a culture war.

I don't care what the polls say right now! We haven't made it to October 2012 when the round of presidenti­al debates will have the Republican nominee line up their plans against President Barack Obama.

I would love to see if they could throw around all the "red meat" to a ravenous crowd misinforme­d voters during the primary debates. Only in a Republican primary debate, you could hear all the talk about how "this marxist is trying to play on the minds of voters with this class warfare rhetoric!"­.

But give them a serious debate to really show how they can handle pressure. I only hope that the Republican nominee whether its either Romney, Gingrich, or Paul will make their tongue stick out in a weird way like John McCain did and an Associated Press reporter catches it!
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