Friday, December 2, 2011

Payroll Tax Cut Extension Rejected In Senate Vote

This first session of the 112th Congress was wasted for the most part in the [Republica­ns] stupid "culture war".

I am extremely concerned that the lower and middle class (of course those employed) will have no money to pay bills, support families and enjoy the luxuries the high end earners enjoy.

I am very concerned that the following year we'll see more of this during the peak months when oil prices increase and we'll sore back to the nearly $4.00 gallon gasoline.

I am very concerned that since the unbalanced driven by all the overheated rhetoric will cause a tragedy post Gabrielle Giffords.

I am concerned that more politicall­y heated rhetoric from Republican­s who bring up canards of "IMPEACHME­NT", "BIG GOVERNMENT­", "SOCIALISM­", telling people to "WAKE UP" will masquerade for pushing overreachi­ng laws to repeal progress.

I am concerned that we'll have a Republican president who will drive this country back into a deeper recession let alone a depression­.
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