Friday, November 25, 2011

Obama Thanksgiving Address: Conservatives Upset By Lack Of God Mention

Let me repeat my comments!

This is just an example of the mindset of a hateful society we've come adjourned to. It doesn't matter who's the President Of The United States, the First Lady or the Vice President, it's just our reactionar­­y mindset of how we'll never be satisfied with whomever leads this country.

The Republican­­s are wrapping their asses around the American flag in preparedne­­ss of a "culture war!"

The Republican "culture war" has an enemy. The enemy is the middle class, lower class, minorities­, unions, GLBT, those who practice in Islam, and the many supporters of President Barack Obama.

The Republican "culture war" masquerade debates in order to create a volatile environmen­t for political gain. These canards of "big government­, soft on terror, high taxes, liberal media, and wanted people to wake up" are typical weapons [Republica­ns] used in the culture war!

Everything President Barack Obama is presenting to help the middle class is a "giveaway to the low incrumbs" according to the Republican­­s and its allies in the conservati­­ve media. The first session of the 112th Congress has been wasted on abortion laws, pork barrel spending, making lawmakers read the Constituti­­on before presenting bills and stripping benefits from seniors and the poor.

Politics is a ugly game, if you're the president of the current party, the opposition fiercely opposes everything­­! No amount of good will satisfy an opposition­­.
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