Friday, June 10, 2011

Primary Election 2012: GOP Fervor To Beat Obama Runs Strong In South

Sigh, Republican­s. If being anti-Obama the key to winning 2012, guaranteed he's gonna to win re-electio­n. I have not heard anything from the Republican­s. All they got is "oh, it's Obama's fault for things that were started before he was sworn in!"

Gallup already stated that conservati­ves will not be satisfied! No matter what Barack Obama does, they'll complain and dog whistle this all the way to November 2012.

See it's funny though, a calm head proves to be easier to deal with. Too many hot heads in the Republican Party.

Sadly some are perennial. If you see Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, Andy Martin, The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy and Mike Huckabee in the race, you clearly have a weak field of candidates­.

Please Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, stay out the race!

Your words will come back and haunt you!
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