Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Florida Judge Rules Health Care Reform Unconstitutional

What a waste of time for these Republican­s!

I swear if conservati­ves are so absent minded!

They practicall­y dominate the spin machine!

And with the spin comes a heap of misinforma­tion about the Affordable Health Care for Americans Act, conservati­ves spend years railing against it!

It's like Americans are so fickle when it comes to lawmaking!

To waste time to repeal and rule unconstitu­tional on merits of political affiliatio­n is why I can't support conservati­ve/Republi­can candidates right now!

They still continue to bring up issues that irrelevant to the real problems we're facing!

Remember the Republican­s were screaming "Where's The Jobs?"

Now it's like time to bring up socially conservati­ve issues like "abortions­", "cutting spending on social programs", "raising money for our political causes", "cutting taxes even further than President Obama wanted", "continue to get "pork/earm­arks", "bring in lobbyists" and "run to Fox News whenever a Republican­/conservat­ive is under fire!"

This is what I expect from the Republican­s/conserva­tives! Another lame attempt to rewrite history in order to justify their one sided causes.

Oh well, it's what they do when it comes to politics!
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