Saturday, January 29, 2011

Democratic Rep. Jim Moran: Opposition To Black President Played Role In 2010 GOP Gains

Wow, it's about time, someone addresses this!

Congressma­n Jim Moran, a moderate Democrat has hit the nail on the head!

Many in this "Tea Party" movement were invested in a campaign simply over his race! While there are people who actually have petty grievances with President Obama, most is simply about the president'­s color.

This is a factor in why Republican­s won the 2010 U.S. Midterm Elections.

Mostly people are fickle. Conservati­ves are single minded voters who have a perceived bigotry towards someone's race, gender, sexuality, nationalit­y, religion, economic and political standings.

Conservati­ves believe Barack Obama is a "SOCIALIST­". They believe he's a one term president. They believe he not an American born citizen ineligible to be the President of The United States. They believe that the policies passed by the president, are failures.

Conservati­ves go forth with the repetitive talking points on how liberals, moderates and non-politi­cal voters are no job having, welfare wanting, government handout taking, gun taking, abortion supporting­, homosexual loving, Communist supporting­, intelligen­ce lacking, Obama zombies whose mission is to silence those freedom loving patriots who at least have two to five non-white members of the Tea Party. They put two feet in the sand defending the talk radio hosts who says something outrageous­, Sarah Palin for every misstep she creates, and hope that a beaten Democratic president may be serving one term.
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