Tuesday, September 7, 2010

David Axelrod: Republican Congress Could Be 'More Extreme' Than Bush (EXCLUSIVE)

I say let the Republicans retake governorships and Congress.

I am tired of the nonsense on television, blogs and radio saying that the damage in which the Democratic Party is facing is significant. If they would have the guts to do what the right wing media does, then none of this would happen. One year ago, Democrats were in control of the Congress. Now it's almost certain due to this economy, the supporters will turn out in smaller droves!

What the Democrats should do is basically lie like their counterparts. As soon as the Republicans win control, the Democrats can go right into being the "Party of NO!"

Sure that's unethical and not what they do, but hell if you are allowing birth certificates, Socialism, and talk of Tea Parties to reign on your parade then why can't the Democratic Party play dirty bull!

President Obama will see his majority fall due to his supporters sitting it out! And to make it worse, the ones the conservatives are targeting are Blacks, Hispanics, Islamic community, Jewish community, and GLBT. These were the ones who helped the Democrats.

Progressives and Independents, let the GOP take Congress. It's time to let these finish the job of destroying the economy!

But the unhinged will win on the power of fear! FDR said it best! Only thing we have to fear is fear itself!
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  1. The Republicans are so funny, when the economy is good you say let’s all celebrate “Cinco de Mayo, my brothers” but when the economy is down “it’s all your fault, you damn immigrant”. When most Americans (with Latin America roots) go to the polls this November we will remember that the GOP has gone on a nationwide rant in proposing and passing several anti-immigration legislation (that our US Courts continue to strike down) and have continue to blame the immigrant for the flat economy or worse. We will remember who stands with us and who stands against us, so trying to stop it now is somewhat funny, but go ahead, you will not change our minds. Plus the more radical of the GOP are now attacking our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, in a misguided attempt to garner some much needed votes, they really are fools, and leading the GOP towards obscurity because they are no longer a party of ideas, just of empty suits. Your hate made you do it, in November; you will reap what you have sown. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say about todays GOP, he unlike the current GOP was a man of ideas.