Sunday, May 6, 2012

Keep Your Faith And Prosper


You got to admit, this has been a nice ride, but as of today, I am going to suspend "SOCIALLY BLOGWARDS".

For the time being, I am going to work on my affiliate blog Journal De La Reyna. I will contribute some of my articles and latest issues through this channel and of course my new project. I dubbed it the Blue Light Buzz. It's a website that will focus on the things that I've discussed on this blog. I will take the time to design it and make it appeal to the masses. 

I felt that the need to revise a new strategy so I decided to create another blog in relations to the issues involving the government, the community and the mainstream media.

Check out my new blog at "BLUE LIGHT BUZZ" or visit the blog "JOURNAL DE LA REYNA" for the latest updates from me and my allies in the blogosphere.

I bid you, adieu.

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