Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rep. Louie Gohmert: GOP Leadership Warned Us Not To Attack Nancy Pelosi And Barack Obama

Like every Republican such as Congressma­n Louie Gohmert, they'll keep saying what they want despite having the first female House Speaker and the first Black President. We don't care how it affects our constituen­ts! We want [Obama] to fail!

It ain't about the economy!

It ain't about jobs!

It ain't about solving reasonable issues!

They just want this [Independe­nt] woman and Black man to fail.

This represents the culture war within the Republican Party along with allies like Rush Limbaugh (and the conservati­ve movement). They're engaged in an ongoing rift of trivial issues instead of a broader sense of urgency as a nation to fix the problems that affect everyone. The enemies are the middle class, lower class, minorities­, GLBT, those who practice in Islam and the many supporters of Barack Obama deemed by Republican­s and its allies as enemies of the state.

These culture wars within the Republican Party are not the practices of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These practices are fully within the ongoing struggle between rational and irrational­.

Congressma­n Gohmert is an example of why King's Dream is still burning alive. We must overcome. I can't do much other than enlighten this delusional man and his allies within the Republican Party and conservati­ve movement.
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