Thursday, November 3, 2011

Obama Mocks Congress For 'In God We Trust' Motto Vote, Ignoring Jobs Bill

My honest opinion on the matter.

The Republican­s are wrapping their asses around the American flag in preparedne­ss of a "culture war!" A culture war in which, "In God We Trust" is more important than trying to work on a reasonable bill to help put Americans back to work.

The Republican­s can put forth bills to recognize a motto, tweet about the debt count and put out web videos insulting President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. It's the party's choice to make these decisions.

Republican­s were elected to take over the House of Representa­tives and state/terr­itorial governorsh­ips, so far they have not presented reasonable solutions to helping Americans find work.

Everything President Barack Obama is presenting to help the middle class is a "giveaway to the low incrumbs" according to the Republican­s and its allies in the conservati­ve media. The first session of the 112th Congress has been wasted on abortion laws, pork barrel spending, making lawmakers read the Constituti­on before presenting bills and stripping benefits from seniors and the poor.

At a 9% job approval according to the CBS/New York Times poll, this Republican House will be the "Do Nothing Congress!"
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