Friday, October 7, 2011

Eric Holder Hits Back At Rep. Who Called Obama Administration 'Accessory' To 'Murder'

The Republican­s aren't worried about jobs and the economy!

They once again wrap their asses around the American flag in the name of another "culture war"!

I mean what does this have to do with putting people back to work?

This is an example of why Congress job approval low!

I understand there's no way to bring back the U.S. border guard killed by the drug lords! However, why isn't there any talk about how the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms being seriously in need of employees. The government workers took a freeze in pay, work extra harder to make sure our federal services are open and they never get a "thank you for a job well done!"

If Attorney General Eric Holder wanted to be a partisan, why don't he look into why former Vice President Dick Cheney shooting a man in the face? Why don't Holder invest time to investigat­e the missing emails from former Attorney Generals Alberto Gonzalez or Michael Murkasey?

This is another example of the witch hunts from Republican­s in an attempt to defeat President Barack Obama.

Congressma­n Darrell Issa better worry about serious issues like the rising militia groups, the contaminat­ion of our foods.
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