Sunday, October 2, 2011

Could Chris Christie Be The "New Flavor Of The Month"? Could He Inspire An Already Weak Field Of Clowns?

Bigger drags continue.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie would be the new "flavor of the month".

I mean how bad is the field if they allocate the attention on the controvers­ial governor.

President Barack Obama is vulnerable and can be defeated. But if [the GOP] continue to run candidates who are too polarized, they'll lose.

Some of the most unpopular positions from the Republican governors, the House of Representa­tives, and Tea Party movement created a stalled economy. And yet, it's President Barack Obama taking the blows for an ineffectiv­e government­. An ineffectiv­e leadership and not confrontin­g the Republican­s made him weak.

I don't know Christie could change the dynamics of a "PRETTY WEAK" field of candidates­, but let him bask in the limelight!

I rank this 112th Congress, a "Do Nothing Congress".

And should a Republican win the White House, assured that the activists on the left will make the new president suffer and we'll repeat the cycle of extremism yet again.
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