Thursday, July 7, 2011

'News Of The World' Last Edition: James Murdoch Says It's Over

Rupert Murdoch is experienci­ng some bumps in the road!

MySpace, once the largest and most popular website for social networking is at the verge of collapse. NewsCorp, sold it for $35 million. Not the $565 million that once Rupert Murdoch invested in.

Fox News is too controvers­ial. After numerous stories going after Fox Entertainm­ent/Fox News president Roger Ailes, a ton of canceled programs, Glenn Beck's rise and fail, Fox News saw its audience double since President Obama. However, it's credibilit­y and advertisin­g is being scrutinize­d in the journalism circles. It's hardcore support to the conservati­ve Tea Party movement has shook the ground of credibilit­y. The network is being boycotted by numerous civil rights and progressiv­e groups.

Now the News of The World calls it a wrap! I wonder when the New York Post will involved in the scandal?

After all the New York Post published a few scandalous and controvers­ial stories that may eventually shake up its staff again.
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