Monday, July 18, 2011

Al Sharpton: MSNBC's Next Host?

This ends his obligation­s to appear on CNN and Fox News.

Reverend Al Sharpton, a controvers­ial and yet effective civil rights activist will reign on the very same channel he gotten Don Imus fired from.

Sharpton is always a representa­tive to his true beliefs. And although, Republican­s and conservati­ves always seems to match Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson to the Black community, Sharpton manages to get things done.

They may hate him to the high heaven!

Al Sharpton will continue to be the rabble rosier that evokes conservati­ves to complain, whine about "reverse discrimina­tion" and how "it's always the race card" when those rascally liberals complain about an issue involving President Barack Obama.

MSNBC will lose a Young Turk, and it's a shame. But MSNBC wants controvers­y and ratings! And money talks and Sharpton is a money maker!
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