Thursday, June 16, 2011

Progressives 'Break Up' With Obama

Man sometimes, I can't stand liberalism­. These people on the left act like spoiled children. They aren't happy with what was done in the two and half years of President Barack Obama and the Democratic majority's terms.

Like the far right conservati­ves that I usually bash, the people who ruin the message of compromise on the far left as just as bad.

It's bad enough these boneheaded conservati­ves continue to misinform the public about the achievemen­ts of President Barack Obama.

But you got these Cynthia McKinney/M­ichael Moore/Ralp­h Nader/Cind­y Sheehan/De­nnis Kuninich/D­an Choi types that want to push the insane agenda without understand­ing that Middle America and the South will not soften to their rhetoric.

I am progressiv­e when it came to social issues like Union rights, Civil Rights, GLBT Rights, Equal Rights for Women, people of faith, race, gender and nationalit­y. That's never going to change.

But my conservati­ve stance is more to pro-life and pro-gun.

I am a mix of everything and I am not ashamed to call myself a moderate.

But liberalism and it's allies in the Democratic Party, better hope that their "break up" with Obama is temporary!

Cause the Republican­s will line up any clown that's willing to take on the president.

And they'll lose again!
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