Monday, April 25, 2011

Ron Paul Presidential Exploratory Committee Expected To Launch

Doesn't it make you wonder how many times can one do this?

Hate to say this, but he's older than John McCain and a three time losing candidate.

It's like even if I support at least 3/5 of the ideas this man stands for, I feel he's weak candidate and he'll be defeated once again. Either by the Republican­s who capture a nomination or a head up match against Barack Obama.

This Republican field is very weak right now! I mean how many candidates so far?

None of them are serious. They are the old lady in the backseat of the car telling the driver [President Barack Obama] how to drive.

Seriously, I like Ron Paul, but he's not going to win. His supporters will probably flock this and rail against me and those who criticizes his intent.

But once again, as they complain, I'll still be here reading the comments! Shaking my head as I read each line.

I repeat this for all conservati­ve readers!


Even if President Obama is that weak on issues like unemployme­nt and the economy, he could easily beat the next fringe Republican coming "Straight Outta Birtherlan­d!"
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