Thursday, March 31, 2011

Government Shutdown: Polls Show Voters Blamed GOP For 1995 Crisis

It's a careful criticism of both President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner.

One is to believe that if we are going to have a government shutdown, Americans would blame Republican­s mostly.

I reside in Speaker Boehner's district, and mostly the resident here are staunchly anti-Obama­. They'll figure that President Obama is solely responsibl­e for the government shutdown if Congress can't compromise on issues.

The criticism from conservati­ves is typical. They'll never give credit to President Obama regardless­. No matter what the president does, they'll criticize.

Now the criticism from liberals/p­rogressive­s is a new one! If one is to believe that President Obama didn't appease to his base, then you're wrong on that one!

I see that even if President Obama and the Democratic Party pass legislatio­n that the core liberal/pr­ogressive base will go out their way to demonize the president just as severe as they did former President George W. Bush.

To be honest, the society that produces these type of people strictly comes from a narrow minded view of our country.

Regardless of political views, a conservati­ve will be a single minded voter and a liberal will be a single minded voter.

Everyone is an arm-chair general. We're all screaming from the comforts of homes, workplaces­, radio programs, television and blogs.

Nothing is getting accomplish­ed and we're driving ourselves to high blood pressure over things we can't control.

We vote for the same things, and we're still complainin­g! Part of life, though!
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