Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cheryl Allen Charged With Making Threats

In the wake of the shooting of Congresswo­man Gabrielle Giffords, I chose not to be too hard on conservati­ves in the wake of a tragedy!

The conservati­ves overheated rhetoric has inspired a lot of hostile citizens to bring firearms to events.

Some conservati­ves use their comments to promote some form of exaggerate­d rhetoric in regards to President Obama's policies, religion, race and social upbringing­.

This woman, Cheryl Allen is a blip on the radar of many overheated Republican­s who manage to earn their fifteen minutes of fame on the liberal network MSNBC.

It's not going to stick on any walls.

The conservati­ves have their two right feet stuck in six feet of sand claiming that "[Our] rhetoric never inflicts harm on anyone! That's just the "liberal media" trying to spin the Tea Party as a bunch of wacko racist idiots! You [liberals] always hate on people who successful and want to tax us to death. You [liberal, socialist, leftists, etc.] need to work a decent job like I do? Pick up a Constituti­on and Bible while you're at it too!"

See it's already predictabl­e rhetoric from the left and right! The left will say that woman is the example of Jared Lee Loughner. The right will say that's just another "phony story" to drown out opposing voices who's sole purpose to uproot tyranny and a defective government­!

Right. Defective government­!
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