Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Learn to Speak Tea Bag - NPR catches flack for opinion video!

Tea Party Boils over NPR cartoon.

Last year I attended the Tea Party in Dayton, Ohio back in April 2009. And it's likely I will appear at the next Tea Party in April 2010. The Tea Party Movement is seen more likable than the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Tea Party wants to save freedom, acknowledge fiscal responsibility, and restore the policies of the Constitution.

The Republicans see the Tea Party Movement as the way for victory in 2010. And most notably is the "RINOs" (Republicans in Name Only) are an endangered species in the Republican Party.

National Public Radio is targeted by Media Research Center's Newsbusters and many other prominent conservative activists. The video that is on the NPR website as well as YouTube, criticizes Republican Representatives John Boehner (Ohio), House Minority leader, Eric Cantor (Virginia) and Michele Bachmann (Minnesota) for opposing health care reform.

If there was ever any doubt National Public Radio had a political slant, check out the animated video posted on the network's Web site. That should clear up any doubt. - Jeff Poor, Newsbusters January 4, 2010.

Opinion columnist and animator Mark Fiore made a video criticizing the Republicans and Tea Party Activists over their opposition to President Barack Obama.

Learn to Speak Tea Bag © Copyright 2010 Mark Fiore

What's your take on the issue?

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