Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People in the 21st Century are still living on 20th Century ideals!

As the new year continues, the first year of President Barack Obama has been somewhat disappointing. The support for Barack Obama is declining, and I getting the feeling that hoping for "Change We Can Believe In" will be delayed by the opposition of people who continue to live their lives like it's still the 20th Century. The Democrats and the Republicans are the main distraction to the agenda that President Obama wants to accomplish.

The first African American to be elected president was the biggest achievement in American race relations. However, being the first, all the scrutiny and the blame seems to rest on his feet. I have seen some of the worst from critics who simply oppose Obama. His policies are no different than any other president, however me thinks that once again the ugly "elephant in the room" will continue to haunt the very reason why our country is divided. And it reminds me of the continuation of the lack of intelligence from conservatives and even liberals, a political base that drove in numbers to put Barack Obama in the White House.

I must admit that we still have a long way to go before anyone can say "race isn't an issue anymore!"

Channeling my inner soul, I reflect on the 1990s when then former governor from the state of Arkansas, William Jefferson Clinton, wanted to have the same progressive agenda as his predecessor. The Republicans allied with its conservative activists and lobbyists continued to stand in the way, turn the debates into "trivial issues". Forgotten the days that President George Herbert Walker Bush created a economic recession, was slow on the draw when it came to a disastrous and costly hurricane, a race riot in one of the busiest cities in America, a war in the Middle East and government spending.

When President Clinton started, Republicans voided Bush and pressed Reagan. This same strategy continues today. Republicans and its allies stress that President Ronald Reagan handled solutions better than some "hippy loving, gun taking, tax increasing liberal elitist!" If you elect us, we promise to "take the government out of your life, bring cuts to government programs, keep your guns, religion and hold government responsible!" It worked, and the Republicans won control of Congress.

Now the same 20th Century Republicans are trying to use the same ideas to distract the public into thinking that President Obama failed and their leadership is the only way to save America.

Of course, they'll be driven on the momentum that Americans are so sick of government.

The Republicans are trying their hardest to win support of the "angry white male", "the frighten housewife", "the gun owners who fear their guns will be confiscated", "the business community who fears that environmentalists agenda" and "the Christian activists who opposes homosexuality!"

Democrats who lean conservative fear losing their seats, will either retire or switch parties.

I believe that if Republicans should gain control of Congress, they pat each other on the back and thank Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for helping them control the media and debate.

Republicans are opposed to just about half of the policies the president pressed. And this will continue into the elections. Prominent Democrats are trying to get as much done, before the tidal wave of opposition sweeps them out the Congress. The biggest fear Democrats have is the lack of interest. With unemployment at an all time high, the public sours on President Obama. The war in Afghanistan is becoming a growing opposition. A failed terrorist attack, drove the domestic agenda back to international terrorism. As the health care debate is wrapping up, the most important pieces to pass reform were stripped by the party in power. Progressives and independents who lean Democratic are fumed over policies not met by the president and Congress.

Republicans will likely win seats. However they will not capture Congress! Or could I be wrong?

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