Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dayton's Future: Swearing Of Mayor Gary Leitzell

As a new day dawns, your loyal and always humble blogger and YouTuber, will continue to talk about the issues in my community, the government that runs the city, the state and the country, and of course the outlets of the American media.

This is the first video for 2010. The swearing in of the new mayor of Dayton, Ohio, Gary Leitzell.
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Brief summary, Gary Leitzell was elected in November 2009 over incumbent Rhine McLin. McLin served two terms as the mayor of Dayton, and held as the first African American female mayor of the city. Leitzell has been a resident of Dayton for nearly the past 15 years. He was Walnut Hills neighborhood association and the chairman of the Southeast Priority Board. He is registered as an independent.

The use of the screenshot appears courtesy of Dayton Daily News. Staff photographer Chris Stewart is credited for the photograph of the new mayor being sworn in by his wife, Deborah Cool-Llorens. Copyright © 2010 Cox Ohio Publishing. All rights reserved.

*Please note, I was knelling at the time of filming. It may be difficult to hear, but you get the opportunity to see the transition of power. I apologize for any inconveniences.

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