Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dayton: Nightlife

As always, I present videos in regards to a personal issue and my community.

I will present these videos in regards to traveling around my community. This video and many more like this are a look at my community. I drive around the Dayton metropolitan area to capture my community and share it with the YouTube universe. I make these videos in regards my community struggling to survive. Manufacturing communities like Dayton are striving for success.

The reason why I call this "In My Community" or "A Tour of Poor Dayton" is because of the area's declining population, jobs, boarded homes, business closings and economic turmoil in Montgomery, Miami and Greene Counties.

And most likely Ohio in general. I have a reason for the title. If you have concerns, send me a message. So that will put to rest any questions of why I titled the videos!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Brian for this great video. Sure miss
    Dayton. You bring back a lot of memories.
    Thanks again. :)